Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Total cost of 10 DVD's ?
Total Cost of four DVD's is Rs 5000/- . Shipping is free anywhere in India.

What is the Total cost of 7 DVD's ?
Total Cost of four DVD's is Rs 3500/- . Shipping is free anywhere in India.

How much Data is there in DVD's ?
Total Data is Aprox 50 Crore Email ID's and 50 Crore Mobile Numbers

What is the Source of Data?
We have collected Data from Different Vendors, Various Business Directories and Web Sites.

How Authentic this Data is ?
We have collected this Data from various sources. Last Update on this data was done on January 2016. As per our clients hit ratio of this data is 65-70 %. But as we have also collected this data from various sources and Internet we can not give you guaranty of authentication of the data.

Other Venders are selling data in range of 150-200 Crore email ID's. Why your data only 100cr less ?
Population of India as on date is aprox 200 Crore and we don't think each and every person is having email ID. Out of 100 Crore Data Aprox 10-11 Crore is International Mail ID's. As we have mentioned earlier that we have collected these data from various online directories and vendors our data is in believable range. 

Are you Giving any Software ?
Yes we are providing Email extraction software. This software is Freeware (Free of charge). We do not provide any Pirated Software as that is illegal.

Can we use your Data for spamming / Unsolicited emails ?
NO . Our data can be used only for Business promotion purpose. You can not send Unsolicited emails using these data. Please note that you are responsible for usage of these data. We will not be held responsible for any legal matter or Loss occur to you due to usage of this data. If USER (Purchaser) doing any illegal activity or spamming then any third party has rights to take action against USER (Purchaser).

Also while sending SMS please use services which are using DND filters. We will be not responsible for any legal matter and it will be sole responsibility of Purchaser.

Can you Provide Sample Database ?
Sure . Please click on this Link for
Click here for free sample Email/Mobile number database

Do you Provide any Software ?
Yes We provide Open source / Freeware Software with this pack. Software provided with this pack is not pirated or unlicensed software but is freeware which are available free of cost on Internet.

Our Service

PACKAGE 1: Get 100 Crore 10  DVD Pack that Contains 50 Crore Indian Email Database + 50 Crore all India mobile numbers for Rs. 5000/- only

PACKAGE 2: Get 80 Crore 7  DVD Pack that Contains 40 Crore Indian Email Database + 40 Crore all India mobile numbers for Rs. 3500/- only

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HR Database, Business Database, Email ID from Different Business Directories High Profile Data Database, Automobile Database, Chemicals & Pharma Database, Gifts & Crafts Database, Industrial Supplies Database, Packaging & Paper Database, Textile Products Database, Leather Products Database, Shipping Agents Database Machinery & Parts Database, Investors Database, Electrical & Electronics Database, Gems & Jewelry Database, Machinery & Parts Database, Metals Database, Student Database

Software Provided with this pack

Email Extractor - Software to extract email id's from web sites.

Updated Ecommerce Database
Indian Email Database Provide All India Email and Mobile Number Database. Our database is Validated and updated till October 2016. We are Providing Bulk Email Database, Business Email ID Database since 2002.